CAUCHOS KAREY, S.A. (referred to hereinafter as the company) assigned the TIN A-03225794, with its address in Carretera San Vicente del Raspeig- Agost km 8, 03698 Agost, Alicante (Spain), provides you with the online purchase service that will enable you to buy our products (subject to availability) from your electronic device.
You will also be able to make the most of exclusive sales promotions and special offers.
The company would like to inform its users and customers that the service is meant for people over 18.
It is assumed that when you use this website, wherever applicable, you accept these general conditions of sale. However, if you have any questions about these, you can get in touch with our Customer Service at the following email address:
Information about the product
The descriptions about the products that are shown on this website are made according to the information prepared and provided by the company. However the information about the product, as well as the videos and photographs of these, will be published by way of guidance, in the website
Availability of the service
The products available on this website shall be sent anywhere on the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands, as well as to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Holland, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland (referred to hereinafter as the applicable territory or the territory).
The company states that it shall not send orders made on this website anywhere outside the aforesaid territory (Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or another other country other than those mentioned previously).
If a user would like to be sent a product anywhere outside the aforesaid territory, they must get in touch with the company through the form or send an email to the following address, so that their request can be assessed and information can be provided accordingly.
Moreover, if a user would like to acquire products as an Intra-Community Operator, they must get in touch with the company by sending it a message to the following email address, the minimum order is 50 units.
Purchasing process
Add the product or products that you want to buy to your shopping cart.
The shopping cart will contain the data about the chosen product such as the model, the colour, the sizes, price (with VAT included), as well as the expenses incurred in the shipment; where appropriate (review the section regarding the shipping costs).
To complete the order, enter the purchase data and accept all the website policies. If you have registered on the website previously, you will be able to recover your data.
If you want to be sent an invoice, you must select this option in the purchase process. If a request is made, it will be forwarded on to the email address supplied.
To complete the purchase, you will be directed to the Redsys Payment Gateway.
Having made the payment, you will be sent an email that confirms the order. You can also review all your orders in the My Account Menu.
If you do not receive the email confirming your order, have a look in your “spam” file or get in touch with the customer service via the following email address:
Availability of the products
The sale of the products will depend on whether they are available or not. Under no circumstances whatsoever, shall the company intentionally put more units than it has available up for sale.
The company shall do everything possible to satisfy the needs of its customers. However, occasionally and for reasons that are beyond its control, such as for example human or computer errors or incidents, the amount on sale might be different from the existing stock in order to deal with all the orders from the customers.
If the product is not available, once the order has been made, the customer shall be informed by email about the total or partial cancellation of this order.
The partial cancellation of the order shall not entitle the customer to cancel it completely. If as a result of the cancellation, the customer wants to return the product that has been delivered they must follow the instructions stated in the section on Returns.
Right not to accept the order
The company can cancel any order that has been confirmed or not accept it for the following reasons:
In the event of a technical or typing error in the product prices or data.
Due to the non-conformity pursuant to the aforementioned terms about the total cancellation of orders.
When the security systems state that the order might be fraudulent.
When there is evidence that the customer is a minor.
When there is a cyber-attack or a virus on the website that is outside the scope of the company’s operations.
When the order must be sent outside the applicable territory.
In these cases, the company shall reimburse the full amounts that have been paid for the products purchased.
The prices on this website are stated in Euros and include the corresponding VAT.
The prices of the products might be modified, which shall not affect orders that have been confirmed in writing.
These prices do not include shipping costs. Have a look in the corresponding section to see what the shipping costs are.
Payment method
The customer agrees to make the payment, when the order is made. The corresponding shipping costs shall be added to the price of the products. For more information about the shipping costs, have a look in the corresponding section.
In any case, the Customer shall be informed about the fees before completing the purchase.
The payment shall be made by VISA, MasterCard, credit or debit card, or PayPal, using the payment gateway supplied by Banco Sabadell through the Redsys network.
The company shall not have access to the customer’s bank details at any time seeing as this information , which is supplied to the payment Gateway is confidential between the customer and this company.
Cancellation of orders
The company shall accept the cancellations of orders if they are cancelled before the orders have been dispatched.
To cancel an order you must request the cancellation using the “Contact” form or by sending an email to
Each order shall contain a maximum of 4 products. If you want to purchase more products, please get in touch with the customer service via the following email address
Orders shall not be processed or sent on the local holidays of Alicante, those of the Valencian Community or the national Spanish holidays.
Delivery times shall be from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 according to the delivery shifts
In order to optimize the delivery, customers should state an address on the order, where it can be delivered in normal business hours.
The estimated delivery times might alter for logistical reasons or force majeure.
The customer shall be informed if there are delays in the delivery.
The company undertakes to deliver products in perfect condition to the address supplied by the customer, and, in any case, deliveries must be made within the aforesaid applicable territory.
Once the order has been delivered, the customer shall be held accountable for the risks associated with the products.
When the customer receives the products, they must make sure that the package is in good condition in the presence of the courier who delivers the product ordered and state any type of defect with the packaging that might be detected on the delivery note. Once the product has been checked, if the customer detects any type of anomaly later on, such as damage to the packaging, broken packaging, signs that it has been opened or any other type of defect caused in transit, the customer must inform the company about this via email as soon as possible, within 24 hours after delivery. From this moment onwards incidents of this kind shall not be dealt with (only pieces that are under guarantee).
The company cannot be held responsible for any errors in the delivery as a result of the customer supplying the wrong address or an incomplete one.
The delivery shall be considered to have been completed when the courier gives the customer the product and this is recorded in the courier service tracking system.
If the customer is not at the delivery address when the order is delivered, the courier shall leave a note telling them what to do to arrange for a new delivery time.
As part of the courier delivery service, the company uses a series of follow-up activities to guarantee that the order is indeed delivered.
If after 7 working days from when the order has been dispatched the delivery has not been arranged, the customer must get in touch with the company. If the customer doesn’t after 10 working days from when the order is dispatched for delivery, it will be returned to our warehouses and the customer must pay for the shipping costs and those incurred in returning the merchandise to its place of origin, as well as any possible associated handling fees.
If the packaging is lost and therefore cannot be delivered, our courier service will look into it. In these cases, our courier service usually takes between one and three weeks to come up with an answer.
Shipping costs and delivery times
Users shall be told about the shipping costs when they access their shopping cart and always before they complete the purchase process. In general, the shipping costs and delivery times are as follows:
Standard delivery:
The standard delivery shall be applied to orders that are delivered anywhere on the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands.
The shipping costs shall be stated before the payment is made.
Deliveries take a maximum of 4 working days as long as the order is made before 13:30.
When it comes to “customized” or personalised products, it takes between 4 and 6 weeks depending on the production process.
There is a set fee for an “Express Delivery”, which depends on the number of products that are ordered during the purchase process.
In any case, the shipping costs are automatically calculated and they are updated as products are added or removed from the shopping cart.
Deliveries to territories that are not covered by the standard deliveries:
This service is for orders that are sent to states that are included in the applicable territory, which are not included in standard deliveries, that is to say, deliveries to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland.
The shipping costs for the transit service, with a delivery period of between 5 and 7 days for the aforesaid territories shall be as follows:
Portugal 10 euros.
France 15 euros.
Germany 20 euros.
Holland 20 euros.
Courier service for the aforesaid countries 30 euros.
Other countries of the territory:
25 euros for deliveries of between 5 and 7 days
35 euros for deliveries of between 1 and 2 days.
The customized products cannot be returned unless it is for a reason that can be attributed to the company (the product is faulty or it is not what the customer ordered).
Products acquired (other than the aforementioned), can be returned and refunded as long as the customer informs the company of their intentions to return the product or the products bought within 8 working days from the delivery date.
The company shall only accept returns when the following requirements have been fulfilled:
The product must be in the same condition as it was when it was delivered and its original packaging and labelling must be kept.
The product must be sent back in the same box that it was delivered in to protect the product.
A copy of the delivery note must be put in the package, the products returned and the reason why must also be stated in it.
A request must be made to return the product by filling in the “Contact” form or by sending an email to the following email address:
If it is the company’s fault that the product is being returned (the product is faulty or it is not what the customer ordered), the amount that the customer paid for the products returned shall be refunded.
However, if the product is being returned for another reason (the customer does not like the products even though they were delivered correctly), the customer must pay the shipping costs incurred in returning the order.
The company shall inform the customer about the address where the product has to be sent to and the courier service of their choice can be used.
In any case, the customer must supply the company with the data about the returned products (Courier Company chosen, date, time…).
A refund for the same amount as what was paid for the products returned minus the cost of the return service shall be paid.
Only when the products that have been delivered are faulty or incorrect shall the company refund the costs incurred in actually sending them back.
Partial refunds shall be paid for partial product returns and cancellations.
The company shall process the return order using the same system as the one used for the payment within a period of 8 days from when it has been confirmed that the order returned has arrived at the warehouse. The payment of the refund into the customer’s account will depend on the issuing entity.
Information about the orders made outside the applicable territory
Tariffs, import taxes and other taxes might be charged on orders that have to be sent to countries or regions that are not included in the applicable territory; these have to be paid when the product is delivered to its destination.
Moreover, please be informed that these deliveries might be inspected and opened by the competent authorities.
Purchasers of products must bear in mind that importers must comply with the applicable regulations established in the country where the products are being delivered to.
The customer must pay any additional fees associated with importing the products.
The company cannot be held responsible for the aforesaid taxes or fees.
For more information, please get in touch with the corresponding Customs authorities.
Product warranty
The company guarantees the customer (the buyer of the products), that the product shall be free of material defects and/or labour-related defects for its normal use and service.
The Warranty Period is 2 years as long as the product is “used appropriately”. “Appropriate use” is considered to be when the product is used for yoga and/or meditation exercises inside, in a studio or on flat surfaces, which are not stony or jagged. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or the use of cleaners or substances that could alter the mat is not recommended by the company and they are not covered by the warranty. The warranty shall also be cancelled if the product is ripped, broken, stained with paint or another product that implies that it has not been used properly.
Products that have been damaged by normal use and wear and tear or that have exceeded the reasonable service life shall not be replaced.
If the product has a manufacturing defect, it shall be considered to be a Faulty Product and it shall be replaced for another one of the same or similar characteristics, as long as the product is still under Warranty.
The terms and the conditions of this warranty agreement are exclusive for the mats and they replace all express, implied or statutory warranties, including, but not limited to, those of marketability or suitability for a particular purpose and any other implied warranty that the company is liable for.
Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the company’s liability exceed the amount received for the sale of the first product.
Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the company be held liable for any type of special, accidental damage or damage caused by not complying with the warranty agreement.
The company takes the maximum security measures available in the sector. Moreover, the payment process is carried out on a safe server using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. The safe server establishes a connection so that the information that is passed on is coded through algorithms of 256 bits, which guarantees that it is only intelligible for the customer’s computer and that of the Website. So, using the SSL protocol guarantees:
That the customer is supplying their data to the company’s server centre and not to anything or anyone else that might try and impersonate it.
That between the customer and the company’s server centre the data is passed on in code, so that it cannot be read or manipulated by third parties.
Rapid, SSL, one of the leading companies in the world in issuing the SSL certificates, guarantees data encryption in